Cancer's History

So you want to know my story? Well its a long one indeed, and would include several volumes of literature. I shall give you the condensed version.

I am Vampire. Although I can probably guarantee you've never met nor heard of one such as I. When was I born? I can't really recall myself. It was so long ago and due to the different calendars to spring up over the last hundred centuries, plotting an exact time is difficult. I will tell you though, it was approximatly 20,000 years ago, give or take a few centuries.

A great continent once occupied a major portion of the north atlantic region, and a considerable portion of its southern basin. It was never named, probably due to the fact that it is no longer there. I was born there. I was born into a great society. Only now, thousands of years later, is mankind approaching the quality of living and technology we were at.

I lived to the age of 124, and then died of natural causes. During the course of my life, I had done much work in the area of genetic manipulation, and gained much recognition in the process. I remember my death. I left the physical world, and began my journey to the after life. Mere moments after entering what you mortals would now term Purgatory, a spirit snatched me up. The spirit took me into itself, and transformed me forever. I was then and forever one of the Vampyric Spirit. WidowMaker was born.

I spent around 200 mortal years in the spiritual planes, learning from my creator. I learned there were but ten of us, including myself. We roamed all areas of existance and fed on the life of others. Not blood mind you, I was then in the spiritual realms. We fed on everything. Fear, love, hate, and the energy essence of spiritual beings themselves.

Then I was taught I could return to the mortal world whenever I wished. My heart had long lusted for a return to the flesh. There were two ways I could return to the mortal world. One was by birth. When a female was to become impregnated, I would enter her womb and be born. The second was by possession. At any time I wished, I could take over a mortal body and expunge the resident soul.

I entered a woman's womb and was born. 98 years later, I died once more. I entered a woman's womb again and again. With each incarnation I gained more knowledge. I never forgot past incarnations. I only got stronger and stronger. There was only the small problem of WidowMaker.

It was as if there were two beings within me. WidowMaker was definitely the violent one. He would come out and wreak havoc. He developed a lust for blood, blood being the essence of life. I spent the next 1000 years learning to control WidowMaker. To this day, he is not totally under control, just subdued. He only comes out when I am angered.

Then, approximately 18,000 years ago, violent earthquakes and disruptions began to assault my homeland. The great continent broke up into several insular masses, two of which were greatly larger in area than any of the others. One was a relatively short distance from the Mediterranean and the second was in the present region of the West Indies. These were named Atlantis and Antilla, respectively.

The splitting of the continent killed millions and sent my people into an era of chaos. All technologies were forgotten. My people returned to the ancient ways. Some of the ones who lived on Atlantis, fearing further disaster, moved on into the regions of Egypt and Crete and founded the civilizations there. Some of the ones who lived on Antilla, migrated into the Yucatan and founded the Mayan and many other cultures.

Then, approximately 10,000 years ago, Atlantis sunk. Antilla was also hit by a reign of natural disasters. The majority of the island did sink. Antilla still persists fragmentally today in the Antillean group, or West Indian Islands.

I lived on, lifetime to lifetime. I composed scores of music. I studied and further enriched myself. I fought in wars. I loved and killed others.

I love the sunlight. My kind is not denied it. In this lifetime, I am a mortal male, currently 26 years of age. I reside in Arizona, but I tend to roam quite a bit.

For the majority of my incarnations, I must admit, I have chosen to be male. I was originally born male and the mortal female can be oh so seductive and alluring.

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