On The Lighter Side...

All work and no play makes Cancer a dull boy, so here's some stuff just for fun.

A picture of my heart

Personal Pet Peves

1. People who drive slow
2. Women who leave the seat down
3. Foreign (non-American) cars
4. Country Music
5. People who order Rob Roy's
6. Phone calls
7. People asking me to fix their computer
8. Managers of 7-11's who think they have an important job
9. Anti-Gun activists
10. Taxes
11. Clothing

More will be added at a later date...

Things I find Sexy in a Woman

1. Chokers
2. 3" heels
3. Mini-skirts/dresses
4. Long hair
5. Matching bra/panties (This is more of a requirement...)
6. Silicone implants

Unusual Places to go for Fun:

Stick Fiqure Death Theater